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Centre of Knowledge Local Policing

The Knowledge Centre for Local Policing focuses on topics like area-based policing, care and safety, and conflict and crisis management. The knowledge centre in the framework of these topics conducts research into: 

  • Police work connected
  • Context-oriented work
  • People and groups in vulnerable situations
  • Violence and danger management

Our knowledge services provide knowledge to police practise and police education. 

Police work connected

The Netherlands Police are in the heart of society and play a social role, meaning that Police Officers are often faced with social problems when performing their work. The world is always changing and those changes are also there in the lives of citizens. Therefore, the police must know what is going on. And that the police understand which social problems may cause unexpected events. This forces the police to adapt in time to new situations and changes. Being able to live safely in your own neighbourhood is important. The police work with residents and other parties to achieve this.

Under the header of "Involved policing", we study how Police Officers deal with the cultural and social differences within our country. How are the police able to recognise increasing contrast between population groups (polarisation)? And how can the police prevent matters from escalating and repair relationships in such cases? Studies into groups that live alongside instead of with each other is therefore an important subject. So is the relationship with our security partners. The Netherlands Police Academy studies how the police can best maintain this relationship. This helps Police Officers to properly do their work.  

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