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What is the Netherlands Police Academy, and what do we do? 

The Netherlands Police Academy trains Police Officers. It also promotes their development. We do this for new police staff. But we also provide specialist training for staff already working for the Netherlands Police. We cooperate with the Netherlands Police for this purpose.  

We also teach police staff how to learn. We look back with them on the mistakes they have made, allowing them to learn from such mistakes. We also explain how they can use all the knowledge they have in their work. We do this through providing education, knowledge, and research. 


  • We develop and provide qualifying education. 
  • This education demonstrates that you know and can do something. Such proof often takes the form of a diploma, a certificate or a certificate of attendance. 
  • We develop and provide other police education.  
    You can follow courses or training programmes that will help you do your job properly. This education is not compulsory.
  • We also administer exams for our students.   

Knowledge and research 

  • We collect, improve, and manage knowledge about the Netherlands Police and its functions. And we pass on this knowledge. 
  • We conduct research. We use the knowledge gleaned from these studies to help Netherlands Police personnel develop in their job. We do this, for example, through our training courses.  

The Netherlands Police Academy therefore serves as the organisation that trains Police Officers for the police profession. We also conduct research. We provide the Netherlands Police with education and research that aligns with practical policing, the target audience, and demand. We are also always looking at what the Netherlands Police need to continue to perform effectively in the future. We make sure we continue to innovate in the process.  


Our views on the world of today and tomorrow and our role

Our views on the world of today and tomorrow and our role in it are the following:  

  • We support (prospective) police employees during their learning process, i.e., the step-by-step process of changing attitude and behaviour during training and when working a job.
  • We combine the world of policing with education, knowledge, and research.
  • We cooperate with the Netherlands Police and other (international) organisations within the security network. We in so doing aim to share experiences, learn from each other, and spread knowledge. Partners include the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, the Judicial Institutions Service, and all kinds of universities of applied sciences.
  • We consider all national and international aspects of policing.  

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