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Digitalisation, Intelligence and Technology

This Centre of Knowledge focuses on the development of the technology the Netherlands Police use, as well as preparing Police Officers for this technology. Consider matters such as how Police Officers may use sensors, robotics or artificial intelligence during their work.  

We conduct studies into the use of this type of technology and what such use entails. We also consider the dangers that arise more often in various forms, such as online fraud and armed drones. We need to understand what these developments mean to the Netherlands Police. How can Police Officers deal with the developments? And what does this mean for the Netherlands Police organisation itself? These questions form part of the studies concerning digitalisation and police work, intelligence-driven police work and technology and police work. Ethical and legal issues are taken into account throughout these studies.

Our knowledge services provide knowledge to police practise and police education.

Digitalisation and policing

Our society is becoming more and more digitalised. Everyone is increasingly using smartphones, laptops, computers, and tablets in more and different ways. The Netherlands Police must promptly and more rapidly adapt to this development. For this reason, the study' digitalisation and policing' looks into the changes in society caused by digitalisation. We also conduct studies into whether police work is developing similarly. And how police work must be designed to be successful. "Digital fitness" and digital development are important subjects in this context. 

  • "Digital fitness" is about how Police Officers can learn and keep up with digital knowledge and skills: 
    • Digital awareness: how does digitalisation impact my behaviour?
    • Digital hygiene: how do I ensure I am digitally resilient and work safely?
    • Digital skills: what must I know to do my work well?  
    • Personal knowledge management: how do I handle large quantities of information?
    • Personal growth: how do I use technology to develop myself? 
  • Where digital developments are concerned, we study how the Netherlands Police ensure they continue to be aware of the latest digital developments and adapt accordingly.  

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