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People and the Police Organisation

The Centre of Knowledge People and the Police Organisation focuses on the Police Officer and the police organisation. We study human behaviour in the context of policing and its consequences for society.  

Our studies and knowledge acquisition activities focus on professional resilience, integrity, and diversity. In our studies, we investigate the knowledge we require to be able to answer important police questions. Such knowledge allows us to bolster and renew the police profession, for example by providing advice on the best actions Police Officers can take in specific situations. We also consider how such knowledge is or can be used in police training. This centre of knowledge therefore links up police practice, training, and research. 

Our knowledge services provide knowledge to police practise and police education


The Centre of Knowledge for People and the Police Organisation inter alia cooperates with: 

Professional resilience

Professional resilience means that someone can properly perform their job when faced with challenging situations. The Netherlands Police Academy studies what professional resilience means in the case of Police Officers and how officers can develop such resilience. We therefore study the biological, psychological, and moral aspects of resilience and also consider how they are interrelated. We for example study how officers can get to grips with unexpected situations.  

Our aim for doing so is to use practical and exact knowledge to help increase resilience. Study results are for example used to: 

  • Provide tips to Police Officers on how to cope with a dramatic event 
  • Equip managers with psychosocial rules or tools to provide feedback 
  • Set up teaching materials for tutors 
  • Help policy makers establish post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) prevention policies 

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