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Criminologist Fijnaut hands over collection to Police Academy

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Criminologist Fijnaut hands over collection to Police Academy

The Netherlands Police Academy has gained a unique collection. Today, Criminologist Cyrille Fijnaut handed over much of his personal collection to the Netherlands Police Academy. The collection comprises thousands of titles on criminal law and criminology, organised crime and terrorism, justice and policing in the Netherlands and Europe. He collected more than eight thousand titles in over fifty years.  

Former Police Officer Cyrille Fijnaut is the emeritus criminology and criminal law professor at Tilburg University and at Catholic University of Leuven. He is a much sought-after expert who has assisted several governments and given important advice on matters such as redesigning special units and constructing a Security Framework. Fijnaut is spreading his expertise further, having retired from the university, by housing his academic library and archive at the Netherlands Police Academy.  

Edwin Bakker, sector head of Knowledge & Research at the Netherlands Police Academy, opened the official collection handover ceremony: "The Netherlands Police Academy, as a knowledge institute for the police, is happy to share this knowledge. We are proud to be a location for this impressive collection. The collection of someone very aptly described by Tilburg University as a tireless fighter against organised crime."

Special place in Apeldoorn 

Since 2011, parts of the collection have been moved to the Netherlands Police Academy. Some 8,500 titles are already available at the Police Academy. About 1,500 will follow. The Netherlands Police Academy has set up a special place for the collection at its main location in Apeldoorn.  

Deputy director Kathelijne van Kammen accepted the collection on behalf of the Netherlands Police Academy: "We are honoured that you have chosen the Netherlands Police Academy for the collection. It aligns perfectly with the mission of the Netherlands Police Academy. Besides being an educational institute - we 'make' Police Officers, I always say, and we are there for the police colleague who wants to specialise - we fulfil an independent knowledge and research function. And that is where this unique collection and heritage on the history and development of the police fits in. This collection is of great value. What this rich collection of works reflects, is the development of policing. For students, understanding their forebears is crucial. Especially in an organisation that often acts in the short term, it is important that we also give them a historical sense of how the Netherlands Police as an organisation got to where it is today. I also like the fact that we have made it a physical place. That makes it tangible. Thank you for your confidence that the collection is in good hands." She also announced that a lecture hall at the Netherlands Police Academy will be named after Fijnaut.

Appreciation on behalf of the police leadership  

Speaking on behalf of the police leadership, Hanneke Ekelmans expressed appreciation for Cyrille Fijnaut's contribution to the discussion on tackling organised crime: "We want to take this opportunity to reflect on what you mean to the police. What you have contributed to the debate, speaking with such passion about the crime investigation and detection profession. And all contributions are still most welcome." On behalf of the Netherlands Police, she and Henk Geveke presented Fijnaut with a gift. 

Cyrille Fijnaut himself said as follows about the donation: "The collection is dear to me: it has taken me fifty years to put together. I donated this library to the Netherlands Police Academy first and foremost because of my fond memories of the 'old' Academy, in particular of a number of lecturers and police officers. Furthermore, I no longer wanted to have the library in my home but still wanted to keep it together and donate it to a public organisation that can preserve and manage it in a place open to all. I am pleased to see that my collection has been given a place it deserves at this location in Apeldoorn, one of the finest Police Academies in the European Union."  

Collection availability

With the official transfer, the unique collection and that knowledge are now available to the entire police organisation and chain partners. the titles are available in the Netherlands Police Academy's media library.

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