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The Netherlands Police Academy in Warnsveld


Conferentiecentrum Huis ’t Velde 
Rijksstraatweg 127
7231 AD Warnsveld

Opening hours

The Netherlands Police Academy in Warnsveld is open Mondays to Fridays from 7.30 am to midnight. Opening hours depend on the number of groups and use of the breakfast and bar.  


This location is easily accessible by private transportation. Plan your journey.

Coming by public transport? Then take a cab from Zutphen train station.


You can park in the car park near the venue. To get there, drive over the bridge and then turn left. 

Location map the Netherlands Police Academy in Warnsveld


Report to reception at the main entrance. You will be given a visitor's pass on presentation of valid ID (passport or driving licence) or police identification. Carry this pass visibly on you at all times.  

  • Facilities  
  • Restaurant  
  • Bar  
  • Main hall with theatre set-up  
  • Meeting rooms
  • Internal hotel  
  • Garden of Contemplation  
  • Reception  

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