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The Netherlands Police Academy in Ossendrecht


Pannenhoef 19
4641 ST Ossendrecht

Opening hours

The Netherlands Police Academy in Ossendrecht campus is open twenty-four hours a day. The reception is closed from Friday 18.00 hrs to Sunday 19.00 hrs.


The campus is easily accessible by public or private transport. Plan your journey.


On arrival, register via the intercom at the barrier. The carpark is to your right as you drive in. There are sufficient parking spaces. Employees, guest lecturers, delivery vans, and visitors can park in P2; students and course participants can park in P3 or P4. P1 is reserved for official police vehicles.

The Ossendrecht campus has six charging stations for electric vehicles in P2. The electricity charge is €0.25 per KwH. Please move your vehicle as soon as it is full to allow others to charge their cars too.

Location map the Netherlands Police Academy in Ossendrecht


Report to reception at the main entrance. You will be given a visitor's pass on presentation of valid ID (passport or driving licence) or police identification. Carry this pass visibly on you at all times.  


  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Coffee machines
  • Vending machines for drinks and snacks
  • Open learning centre
  • Auditorium
  • Classrooms
  • Sports fields
  • Obstacle and collaborative training course
  • Indoor sports hall
  • Indoor and outdoor fitness facilities
  • Multiple dojos
  • Climbing centre
  • Maze
  • Practice village with several neighbourhoods
  • Simulation suite for large-scale interventions
  • Various sorts of shooting ranges (semi-covered 100m range, 100m outdoor range, 270˚ indoor range)
  • Train station with two train carriages
  • Detached premises (large halls, mobile homes, bunkers, filling station)
  • Various practice vehicles
  • Hotel for three hundred guests
  • Drying area
  • Bivouac (S4)
  • Meeting areas/rooms
  • Reception
  • Lift
  • Lockers / cloakroom
  • Showers
  • Changing rooms
  • First aid room
  • Storage

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