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(Healthcare) Insurance

studentsIn order to be registered as a student, one must have a healthcare insurance valid in the Netherlands:
- Statutory Basic Healthcare Insurance (basiszorgverzekering);
- EU Health Insurance Card;
- Private Healthcare Insurance.
Which type of healthcare insurance is needed depends on:
- nationality;
- purpose of stay;
- age;
- length of stay.
Dutch students (aged 18 years or older) are obliged to take out the Basic Healthcare Insurance. Besides the standard package, students may decide to take out supplementary insurance. Information about the health insurance system can be found here.
International students must be adequately insured against medical expenses while staying in the Netherlands. This is not only a condition in order to obtain a temporary residence permit, but also an obligation for students who do not need a residence permit. As a consequence, international students who do not have an EU Health Insurance Card must obtain insurance upon arrival in the Netherlands. Information about the European Health Insurance Card can be found at the website of NUFFIC as mentioned below. Information about what type of insurance an international student needs can be found on this website.
For more information about  health care allowance check the information on the Tax office website.

Other Insurance

In addition to health insurance, it is also advisable to have insurance for:
- accidental death and dismemberment;
- individual liability for damage caused to others (the latter is known in Dutch as Aansprakelijkheid voor Particulierenverzekering);
- personal property (loss of household contents or baggage through e.g. theft or fire);
- S.O.S. assistance: costs of repatriation due to serious illness or death, if not included in the health - insurance or travel insurance. Such insurance pays for special transportation and/or medical care during repatriation and often also the airfare for a family member.
Policies for these types of insurance or special insurance package for international students are available by insurance companies.