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Academy of Security Sciences Talinn Estonia

The Estonian Academy of Security Sciences is a state institution, providing professional education for civil servants belonging in the area of government under the Estonian Ministry of the Interior. The Academy was established in 1992 after Estonia regained its independence.
The objective of the EASS is, through internal security related academic education, research and development activities, and also through the training of honest and competent public servants, to create a secure state and conditions for stable development across the state of Estonia and therewith contribute to the security of the entire European Union (EU).
The Academy prepares civil servants in four Colleges under the following specialties:
• police and border guard;
• rescue;
• correction;
• taxation and customs.

Learn more about EASS in this video.

Cultural program

EASS provides also a cultural program for the foreign students. The aim of the cultural program is to introduce historical context, political actualities and cultural heritage of Estonia. The cultural program is built up for students with little or no knowledge about Estonia, Estonian language, internal securiy system in Estonia and people helping them to survive, get acquainted and understand the new culture.