Police work is increasingly influenced by the progressive internationalisation of society. As a logical consequence, the Police Academy has decided to include this trend in its educational and knowledge products. The international dimension of police training and knowledge are systematically traced and processed, based on a clear frame of reference and other instruments and methods. Cross-border police operations, European policing and international laws and regulations are examples of subjects that were added to the curriculum in the last couple of years.

The Police Academy offers police officers from abroad opportunities to take part in English-language courses and training programs. Examples include the Masterclass International, Meeting the police below sea level (introductory course focusing on the Dutch system for police training) and the Pearls in Policing programme, exploring the development of international police work in the near and distant future, aimed at police chiefs from all over the world.

As one of the partners in the International Police Cooperation steering group, the Police Academy is involved in the policy making process in the field of international collaboration, representing the Dutch National Police. As a result of this, the Police Academy also plays an active role in the implementation of national programs, set up under the terms of agreements made between the Netherlands and other European member states and countries outside the EU. The Police Academy represents the Netherlands on the Governing Board of the European Police Academy (CEPOL).

The CEPOL National Contact Point for the Netherlands, located at the Police Academy, coordinates and supports all activities organised within the scope of the CEPOL network.For more information about international cooperation, please contact Staff International Relations & Internationalization (SIRI) of the Police Academy:

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