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Knowledge & Research

The research and knowledge services of the Police Academy are aimed at police practice and education. The activities contribute to the creation of new insights and the development of knowledge and educational products, while keeping education up-to-date. The Police Academy cooperates with other knowledge institutes, security partners and universities of applied sciences involved in research and the development of knowledge to strengthen the police profession. This is done with national and international institutes.


Tailor-made police knowledge (Kompol) and the media collection are the Police Academy's main knowledge services. The key focus is on ensuring that the effect of police-specific knowledge feeds into education and actual practice. To achieve the desired effect, links are continually made between these two knowledge services, the Research Team, other knowledge institutions, practical policing and police education. The knowledge department of the Police Academy (Knowledge and Intelligence Centre, KIK) supports both the police and their partners, including the Public Prosecution Service (OM), the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD) and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (KMar). Our specialized employees can be contacted at


Kompol is the online platform where a simple search will gain you access to up-to-date, validated, police-specific knowledge, including national and local agreements. You can consult various internal and external sources, including work instructions, operational experience, various forms, but also and Stapel en De Koning (Dutch legislation and regulations). Whether you're a patrol officer or a student, or have a desk job, Kompol always ensures that you have access to tailor-made relevant knowledge, irrespective of the device you are using. This promotes unambiguous working procedures in line with the current situation. Together with the experts, agreements between the Public Prosecution Service and the police are turned into validated police knowledge on Kompol. This is how we ensure that cases do not fail due to the fact that the agreed procedure is not followed.

Media centre

The Police Academy's media centre is the national expertise centre in the field of information management for the police profession; it offers reliable information and the expertise to help you find information. This is how the media centre supports the Police Academy's education and knowledge function. 


The Police Academy conducts practice-oriented research, thus contributing to insights into and solutions for various issues. In addition, the research produces new knowledge and insights that benefit police education and police practice. 
The Police Academy often conducts research together with the police, and other national and international knowledge and research institutes. A Joint lectorates have been set up with several universities of applied sciences. 

Strategic research agenda

The strategic research agenda contains the eight main themes for police research over the next few years and is the framework for the research conducted by the Police Academy and the scientific research it contracts out. This instrument has been designated by the Minister of Security and Justice to create more correlation and focus in the research and to improve its embedding in teaching, policy and police practice. 
The Police Academy drafts the agenda once every four years. The police is an important requesting party. The ongoing research is part of the research planning
The Research Team regularly organizes seminars to publish the research findings or to gather input for ongoing research.

Research themes

Research themes derive from the strategic research agenda for the police.
The Police Academy is currently focusing on the following themes: Firm Local Basis, Technology and the Effective Use of Information, Mental Resilience and Integrity, Professionalism, and Undermining (part of current developments). The other themes are contracted out via Police & Science.